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Business Model

Business Model | highlights

We operate in Milan, focusing mainly on the family market for the purchase of their “first house”, creating new quality apartments in areas and semi-central districts of our city.


A market characterized by a strong demand that by satisfying a primary need is less sensitive regarding economic cycles. The focus on a reference market allows the development of a strong know-how and strong local relationships with all the stakeholders, creating the conditions for a lasting competitive advantage.

Commercialization and sale of newly constructed apartments on paper, with a business model organized in phases that are regulated by stringent and binding objectives and milestones.


The peculiar business model of Abitare In brings notable advantages including: no stock of properties at the end of the works, reduction of risks related to the unsold and the economic cycles. The model provides for a particularly advantageous use of bank leverage with a consequent maximization of the so-called Return on Equity.

Sales activities are anticipated compared to construction. Marketing is based on campaigns with very innovative promotional formulas that culminate with an event in which sales are concentrated.


The concentration of sales in the initial phases of the project allows the block of risks related to the possible variability of market conditions.

Abitare In realizes only residential real estate developments through projects of (micro) urban regeneration that involve the demolition of existing disused buildings (typically of an industrial nature) and their conversion into residences with the rebuilding of new buildings.


Maximum design flexibility that translates into the possibility of developing a totally customizable product based on the innovative design model owned by Abitare In. The urban regeneration activity also allows a high local consensus thanks to the clear advantages for the citizens.

Abitare In, whose goal is to become a recognized residential brand, puts the customer and his satisfaction at the center of their development strategy. Thanks to a dedicated Customer Service team, to the adoption of a solid Customer Code and to Technological Innovation, Abitare In makes Customer Satisfaction the foundation of its growth strategy.


The search for a rewarding and more engaging customer experience allows the enhancement of one’s own brand and a significant commercial advantage also linked to the phenomenon of word of mouth.

The first value of Abitare In is in people. A young team highly educated, talented and successful, with a multi-disciplinary background that brings the wealth and experience of other industrial and product sectors into the company.


A company organization dedicated to innovation, customer satisfaction and problem solving that, thanks to the contamination with other advanced and competitive industries, manages to consolidate a strong know-how that becomes a guarantee of results and a competitive advantage.

Due to the background of its founders, Abitare In has a forefront level of computerization of all the company’s cutting-edge processes compared to other operators in the sector. All design and production processes are orchestrated by an innovative proprietary platform – PRODECTO – based on BIM (Building Information Modeling). PRODECTO integrates with SalesForce (the world’s leading CRM platform) for the customer management and commercial campaigns.


The high computerization, in addition to guaranteeing efficiency that transforms into greater margins, also allows the implementation of the CD model. Built-to-order in real estate. A model that, thanks to the high possibility of customization of the apartments, becomes one of the main competitive advantages of Abitare In’s offer.

Abitare In SpA, a public listed company in the AIM segment, is the holding that owns (100%) all the real estate operations and has a model that provides an operating system dedicated to each project. Know-how, personnel and capital (equity) are maintained in the parent company, supplying them in service with an innovative pool model to operating vehicles.


The particular corporate structure, that segregates the flows for each initiative, guarantees to all stakeholders (market, banks, customers) the maximum transparency, the traceability of the performance of each individual transaction, a prudent risk segmentation and, finally, the distribution of profits of each operation at the end of the work to the shareholders of the listed in the form of dividends.


development pipeline

247.000 sqm

Commercial space3-4

€ 1,1 mld

Total pipeline revenues7

€ 580/sqm comm.le

Average purchase cost on commercial space


Type units1-5



Order Book


Type units1

€ 320 bn

Complessive value



€ 98 mln

Advances/ Contractual agreements



Type units delivered5

€ 133 mln

Approved mortgages

work in progress


Type units under contruction1

€ 252 MLN

Type units under contruction value

Maturità della pipeline


Type units ready for marketing by 20221-6


Type units ready for marketing by 20231-6

1 No. of type units assuming an average size of 92 square metres for free building sales and 82 square metres for ERS. the number of type units actually built and of contracts signed, without prejudice to the overall size, may vary depending on the customisation of the size of the units

2 May differ from the number of apartments due to the actual size of the apartments sold. In recent transactions, Abitare In has seen a significant and progressive increase in the average size of the flats sold.

3 Including approximately 12,800 sqm of commercial space – equal to 140 type units – on which the development in the co-living formula by the subsidiary Homizy S.p.a. is being evaluated.

4 Including 26,000 sqm of retail space in ERS

5 Of which 317 apartments in ERS

6 Building site start-up in 12 months

7 Value calculated on current sales prices

N.B. Data updated to October 12,  2022


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